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A sporting immigration

Foreign sports have certainly made their mark in Melbourne since the influx of immigrants in the 1940’s. Such has been the growth of sports like Basketball and Soccer that they are now the among the highest participation sports in the country. Soccer, Association Football or just Football (whatever you want to call it) has been […]

You can never have enough to drink

If you walk around the inner suburbs of Melbourne, you will find a pub or a bar on every street corner. You would think that having so many pubs in a small area wouldn’t be sustainable but such is Melbourne’s drinking culture that allows 235 bars, pubs and nightclubs to successfully function in Melbourne’s CBD.  I interviewed […]

NRL and Cricket in Melbourne

On a national scale, it’s hard to compare any of the other native Australian sports to the AFL but that is certainly not to say that the other native sporting leagues around the country aren’t just as successful as the AFL. The National Rugby League and the major cricket tournaments around Australia, the Sheffield Shield, […]

Melbourne: the AFL headquarters

You can’t talk about entertainment in Melbourne and not talk about AFL. The city is built on AFL, so much so that the chief commissioner Andrew Demetriou is considered among the likes of Victorian Premier, Melbourne Mayor and Chief Police Commissioner such is his power in the town. Australian Rules football is the original football […]

An introduction to Entertainment Saturation

As a sport enthusiast and a journalism student living in one of the world’s greatest cities, I thought I would focus this project on an integral part of what makes Melbourne so great: its entertainment industry. You can talk as much as you want about Melbourne as one of the culinary capitals of the world, […]